Thursday, May 24, 2012

Graffiti Week, Part IV

In today's installment in our Graffiti series, we feature three shots by Joe Viger from the West Coast, and three by Mick Melvin from the East Coast, all of buildings that seem beyond recovery. Don't miss the first three posts in the series:

Part I, which features shots taken at the snack shack on an old ski hill in Weston, MA

Part II, which features some tagged barns in Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Part III, in which contributor lostlosangeles features wonderful images from L.A., New Orleans and Detroit.

SaltonSeaBeach-16.jpg SaltonSeaBeach-10.jpg Salton Sea-131.jpg

(Above three photos by Joe Viger: Salton Sea, California. For more on the Salton Sea, check out May 24, 2011, "The Salton Sea.")

Graffiti Station

(Photo by Mick Melvin: Windsor Locks, CT)

Graffiti Garage

(Photo by Mick Melvin: Hartford, CT)

Old Storefront

(Photo by Mick Melvin: Manchester, CT)

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