Monday, May 21, 2012

Graffiti Week, Part I

After more than two years in business, the Backside Gang is gonna shake things up with some themed posts. Some of them will be solo posts, like the one below; others will combine images and words from more than one member of the gang. The first series, which will run for the next week or so, is all about graffiti. There will be other themes as the year goes on, interspersed with our regular posts. -- Ed.

From Dave Brigham:

I shot these at the end of a hike at Cat Rock Park in Weston, MA. I went there to take some shots of the old ski hill. As I was heading back to the parking lot, I glanced one last time at a piece of old ski lift machinery, and looked up the hill into the woods, and saw this old snack shack.

Snack shack Bad word Dude Peeking inside Looking through Evidence


  1. hey this is all great stuff. i will spend entire days hunting for stuff like this, whether i find it or not it is always worth the exploration.

  2. Thanks! I agree, the pursuit is almost as exciting as the capture.