Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Graffiti Week, Part III

Here's the third post in our Graffiti Series, from the guy who goes by lostlosangeles. In these three pictures he shows us how graffiti speaks to decay and rebirth in the cities of Los Angeles, New Orleans and Detroit. If you missed the first two installments, check out May 21, 2012, "Graffiti Week, Part I," and May 22, 2012 "Graffiti Week, Part II" -- Ed.

From lostlosangeles:


Los of dreams

When photos have text incorporated into the picture, I tend to name them based on that text. This is often due to my tendency to shoot graffiti that makes a commentary.

Some friends and I were hiking in Griffith Park in LA. This is perhaps one of the best vantage points of LA in all it's splendor: chaparral, steel, concrete, and smog. This graffiti perfectly frames the conversation.


NOLA rising

It's a lot harder to explore abandoned Six Flags New Orleans these days. At least that's what the urbex rumor mill tells me. I was clearly quite lucky this day. The park was wide open and the storm clouds hung overhead, adding to the ominous atmosphere.

One thing I noticed about graffiti in New Orleans was that it often spoke of hope and inspiration. For me, this is a welcome departure from the usual narcissism.


Baroken and yet

Walking down the hallway, passing blank room after room, I was suddenly struck by the burst of color coming from this long broken window. The fall colors lay an intense contrast against the cold concrete and graffiti. New life, just outside this dead car plant. This new life in turn being fed by death. Just outside the window and in the roots of these trees, a cemetery.