Friday, July 27, 2012

Cat Rock, Part I

From Dave Brigham:

My buddy Ray hipped me to the New England Lost Ski Area Project web site a while ago. A few months ago, I was poking through the site when I realized there was an old ski hill about 15 minutes from my home.

Located in tony Weston, Mass., the terrifically named Cat Rock is short and steep. It's situated behind a baseball field, and is surrounded by some nice hiking trails.

Although the hill closed in the late '70s, there are still remnants of its heyday in the woods lining the slope.


(The hill)


(Rope tow ballast)

Rope tow

(Rope tow towers)


(Base for the rope tow, at the top of the hill)

You are here

(Under the tow base are the geographic coordinates, which I think is so cool)

Cat Rock is also the place where I found one of the most vivid examples of graffiti in my short time as a photographer. To see pictures of the tagging I found on the ski hill's old snack shack, see May 21, 2012, "Graffiti Week, Part I."

For lots of personal remembrances of the hill, and some more photos new and old, check out this section of the New England Lost Ski Area Project web site.


  1. Wow, I've never thought about abandoned ski slopes. That's a totally new direction worth while investigating!

  2. Shuko -- check out the main page of the NELSAP site. There are so many places in Massachusetts!