Friday, July 6, 2012

Game Over

We cover a lot of ground here on the Backside, from abandoned train stations to old aqueducts, ghostly gas stations to dilapidated ski lodges.

Many of these places speak to lost jobs, broken lives and raise more questions than answers. But I find extra sadness in places where children once laughed and played that have been abandoned or forgotten. Below are photos from five members of the Backside Gang -- DB.

Like a hurricane

(Photo by Kristen Smith, Bedford Golfland, NH. For more of Kristen's photos, check out her blog.)

Torn leather Bent batting cage

(Photos by Dave Brigham, Newton, MA)

Hole in one free game

(Photo by lostlosangeles, Los Angeles, CA)

Wiggly Lines

(Photo by Mick Melvin, Simsbury, CT)


(Photo by Mick Melvin, New Britain, CT)

Evergreen Valley Pool

(Photo by Joe Viger, Stoneham, ME. For more of Joe's photos, check out his web site.)


  1. Thanks for the inclusion Dave! This remains my the best urbex website on the planet. And to be included with so many great photographers!

  2. Thank YOU for all your great photos!