Thursday, June 24, 2010

Volkswagen Time Machine

Red VW Bus III

From Mick Melvin:

When I see a Volkswagen bus, I get nostalgic. A trip to central New York gave me the chance to see this old friend up close. Back in the mid '70s, I was riding in the family's red VW bus with my mother on a back road in Pennsylvania. She asked me if I wanted to try driving and I jumped at the chance! I was all of 11 years old and scared to death, but I am so glad I jumped in that driver’s seat. I’ll never forget that day. I thought my mom was so cool for letting me drive. I still remember her saying, “Michael, slow down”! She still says that to me to this day.

This VW bus that was sitting along the road in Alfred, NY, looked as though it had many miles and many stories to tell. If you look closely, you can see a Grateful Dead dancing bear in the front window, which brought me back to the late '80s when I traveled in a VW bus to a “Dead” show in Buffalo, NY. Like the bus, that trip was many miles and many stories ago.

Red VW Bus