Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Meet Me at the Station (We'll Find a Way In)

Train Station

From David Burke:

I have taken many pictures of the exteriors of crumbling old buildings, but I finally decided to venture to the inside (Yes! I'm totally jealous, as I take most of my pics with my 2-year-old daughter tagging along, so I can't be so bold. -- Ed.).

I have wanted to see the inside of the old Torrington Train Station for some time, but a moat of chain link fence, boarded up doors and NO TRESSPASSING signs kept me on the outside. Let's just say that I finally found a way around all those distractions.

What I found inside amazed me! Half of the floor, including where the ticket booth stands, has collapsed. The impossibly heavy safes have slid against the wall. ( A note to other wanna-be explorers; watch your footing!)

Inside the ticket booth

What also fascinated me was that since the station's closing (mid 1960's I think) it has been used for storage of objects that any Backside of America fan would appreciate. Amid the beer cans, liquor bottles, trash and debris there is a horse drawn sleigh and buggy, a bathtub, desks, filing cabinets and centered in the middle of the station, a dusty and beautiful piano.


There are stories behind all of these artifacts, yet all I know is that they are now mostly forgotten. However, I do believe that as long as images like these are out there, their past will continue to exist.

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  1. I love this write-up and the pix, and the methodology used to obtain the shots. Kudos to David Burke!