Thursday, June 17, 2010

Editor's Note: I love the dedication of the Backside contributors. David Burke recently bumped his head on a large piece of metal, bending his glasses and denting his head just a little, in pursuit of photos (which will be posted in coming weeks). Joe Viger, on a recent business trip out West, emails that for one of his upcoming photos, "The wheels were turning when I bounced in to the break down lane to u-turn and take the pics." And every other contributor has gone out of his or her way to look for good shots, take them, and do a great job explaining the where, what and why of each picture.

Michelle Loya, whose pictures and post below are about hiking on Connecticut's Mount Tom, was curious about an old chimney in the woods. So, as you'll read, she set out to find out its story. I'm honored to work with such dedicated photographers.

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