Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dead End Tracks, Part II

Old railroad tracks, Newton, MA

From Dave Brigham:

I've driven over these tracks numerous times in the last decade or so, but as with so many old train tracks, abandoned buildings and rusting old vehicles, I had no idea what the story was. That's a big reason I started this site. The Internet makes it so easy to plug an address or company name into a search engine and discover history.

These tracks cross Christina Street in the Newton Highlands section of Newton, MA, and the adjacent Charles River, on their way into Needham. By plugging "Christina Street Newton Mass. Railroad Tracks" into Google, I found just what I needed from a discussion thread on

"The tracks that cross Christina is the lead into the old Needham Industrial Park (now the New England Business Center). At a couple locations down in the park in Needham you can see evidence of the tracks there, too (unless they've been eradicated in the last couple years). To access the park, the trains came through Newton Upper Falls, crossed Needham St., went behind what is now mostly shopping centers (although the industrial buildings are still behind them) on Needham St., and did a 180-degree turn and went back south-west across Christina St. and the Charles (again) and into the industrial park."

That's all I wanted to know, no more, no less.

Old railroad tracks, Newton, MA


  1. Great info, thanks! I checked these railway tracks out when I was in Newton last year for Thanksgiving and have been meaning to do a post of them ever since. This info has been really useful, thanks massively :)

  2. Tom:

    Hey, glad you checked us out and learned something. I've added Urban Ghost to our "Beloved Blogs."