Sunday, April 18, 2010

Old School

old scool

From Michelle Loya:

This ramshackle building that was once a prominent point of Torrington, CT, and is now an eyesore to many, has always captured my attention. With its boarded-up windows, broken old black-top and rusted accessories, this building is just asking to be explored.

Only 88-years-old, this building was once an abundance of knowledge to many young children who passed through its halls. The Sacred Heart School (erected in 1922, dedicated in 1923 and only open until 1982) stood proud through many controversial years of history, and still today stands strong and fearless.

I can imagine light pouring in through the large windows every morning and the sun setting beautifully on the building every evening. I can hear the laughter of children at recess as I stand in the vacant lot admiring the building. For 28 years this place has stood idle. The vacancy no longer allows visitors, it is merely a canvas to those tasteless enough to graffiti it, and a shade of color on the theoretical palette of a passerby.

old catholic school

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