Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Drop a Dime?


From Mick Melvin:

Being new to the Nutmeg State, I was carrying my camera around so I could take shots to send to my family. One summer day, I went to Winding Trails in Farmington, CT, with my fiancĂ© and some of her family. The scenery at the camp was beautiful. The camp has been in existence since the 1940’s when World War II veterans wanted a place for the children of Farmington to have a day camp. After taking a dip in the pond and walking some of the many trails, I came upon a phone booth!

I spotted the phone booth next to what looked like the original camp office. Seeing the booth brought back childhood memories. Memories of being sent out to play with a dime in my pocket so I could call home if an emergency came up. I had to think about the price of a local call now (35 cents, right?). It makes me laugh when I think of children today. They now have their own phones and most likely walk past a phone booth without a second thought. They probably have never used a phone booth for shelter from the rain either!

After downloading the picture, I took noticed of two things. I noticed the 911 sticker affixed to the back of the booth and the empty phone book holder. These days children don’t need the missing phone book, just those three universal digits for help.


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