Friday, April 2, 2010

Time Capsule Car

old dodge, originally uploaded by mloya89.

From Michelle Loya:

This is an old Dodge that has been left to decompose in the woods in Torrington, CT. I discovered it one day exploring the woods behind my house. It was so amazing to me because the only time I’ve seen a car as old as this has been at car shows I was dragged to by my father as a little girl. Being the klutz that I was, I was never allowed close enough to actually see them. It was so awesome to me to be so close to this creature and be able to photograph it and imagine what it used to be.

You can tell by the tarp wrapped on the windshield wipers that at one point in time this car had an owner who had tried to preserve it. It seems as though it stopped working and the owner didn’t want to fix it or maybe it was just old and they bought a younger car. Although it sits there lonely and tired it has persevered through many years of inclement weather, still intact and waiting to be shown off to the world once again. This machine, old and weathered, is as beautiful to me as it once was brand new to someone else.

I photographed this car because it is just so funny to me that this once much-used vehicle now sits abandoned in overgrown weeds and layers of fallen leaves. It is so sad, but so beautiful. I can imagine the life it once lived and the beauty it once possessed. I can imagine teenagers rolling it out of the driveway late at night to sneak off and see their friends, and sadly the last day it was used and left in its spot to become part of the earth.

, originally uploaded by mloya89.


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