Tuesday, January 10, 2012

UPDATE: Chestnut Hill Phoenix

From Dave Brigham: There is progress at the Newton, MA, site where the Omni grocery store and other retail and business offices once stood, which I posted 19 months ago (see June 11, 2010, "Chestnut Hill Phoenix"). As I indicated at that time, New England Development plans a complex featuring residential, office and retail space. Recently, the developers announced the site, to be known as Chestnut Hill Square, will be anchored by a Wegmans grocery store. People are excited about that. While doing some Christmas shopping at the mall across Route 9 from the site, I snapped a few pictures of the demolition in progress. This is the approximate spot where the Omni once stood. Chestnut Hill Square #4 Here are a few other shots of the site. I'll post more as this project advances. Chestnut Hill Square #3 Chestnut Hill Square #2 Chestnut Hill Square #1


  1. It is good to see them finally doing something with that space after that fire a bunch of years back.

  2. Amen to that. I lived not too far from there when the fire occurred and used to drive past there, and shop at Omni, afterwards. Good to know the site will be revitalized. I wonder if they'll put any kind of memorial up anywhere about the victims.