Friday, May 13, 2011

No Diving

From Dave Brigham:

After spending $200 million to build a state-of-the-art high school for kids on the north side of the city, my adopted hometown of Newton, MA, needed to knock down the school's 37-year-old predecessor. Yes, the old Newton North High School was built in 1973 and already it's (almost) history. And, yes, the new building cost more than any other high school ever in the long and distinguished history of Massachusetts.

My wife (NNHS Class of '85) regularly goes past the high school on her morning runs. She clued me in recently that, after a long delay due in part to the need to remove asbestos, the old school was coming down. So I drove by and snapped a few quick picks of the old pool, which in its heyday was located inside the school.

Old Newton North High School #2

Now, instead of being filled with alluring blue water, it's been defiled by rain water and old bricks that used to protect swimmers and their fans.

Old Newton North High School #1

I wish I could have gotten closer. Didn't have my zoom lens, unfortunately.

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