Monday, May 16, 2011

Backside TV

From Dave Brigham:

A few years ago, I watched several episodes of The History Channel's "Cities of the Underworld." Over the course of three seasons, the show's hosts, Eric Geller for half of season one, and Don Wildman (can that possibly be his real name?) for the remainder of the run, visited Hitler's underground lair, Paris's catacombs of death, secret Soviet bases, Egypt's Tomb of the Lost Mummies, Alcatraz Down Under and numerous other subterranean places.

Wildman's hosting style was a bit melodramatic, but the locations he visited were fascinating. Tonight, Wildman debuts a new show, "Off Limits," on Travel Channel (9:00 ET). In the show, Wildman visits U.S. locations including: Los Angeles, where he "penetrates a former Nazi military compound, uncovers clandestine oil rigs in seemingly normal neighborhoods, and kayaks down the LA River," according to the show's web site; San Francisco, in which he "checks into the abandoned Oak Knoll Naval Hospital, once occupied by Scientology creator and patient L. Ron Hubbard;" and Seattle, which he views from the outer rim of the Space Needle.

Check out a sneak peek here.

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