Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Station In Need of Preservation

From Mick Melvin:

I was making one of my many Backside trips and came across this rundown train station. It's boarded up and the outside of the building is riddled with graffiti.


I was not sure how old the building was until I did a little research. The station was actually built in 1875! The building is a little rough, but has survived for 140 years, even through an arsonist's fire in 2000.

The Windsor Locks (Conn.) Preservation Association was formed in 2004 to help preserve the building, and in December 2014 the town took ownership of the station. The building was originally painted a cream color, but it was washed in 1940 and now has the red-brick look. The building was closed in 1971, and was saved from demolition in 1975 by the Save The Station Committee.


The preservation association is raising money for the building, and is in communication with the Connecticut Department of Transportation about relocating train service to the station sometime in the future, according to the WLPA web site.

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