Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Palladium Boots: Explorer Series, Episode 1

From Dave Brigham:

I forgot about Palladium Boots, the French company that has associated itself with urban exploration (see October 10, 2010, "Reppin' for the Motor City" and October 21, 2010, "These Boots Were Made for Explorin'," each of which contains a few urbex videos).

The company has enlisted folks from around the world to make short videos "highlighting disused, abandoned, or otherwise little-known areas of their city." Below is the first in the series, which features New York City. The videos focus a little too much on the boots of the hipsters who are walking around, but I guess that comes with the guerrilla marketing territory.

I'll highlight other videos here once in a while, while I consider how to get in on this action, or at least get Palladium to sponsor my work.

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