Friday, December 14, 2012

Concord, Part IV: Rusty truck

From Dave Brigham:

I've driven past the Brigham Farm Stand in Concord, Mass., numerous times over the years. I'm sure I'm a distant cousin to these folks.

On a recent drive, I noticed for the first time some rusty vehicles across the road from the farm stand. So after having visited the town's Old Rifle Range (see December 4, 2012, "Concord, Part I: Old Rifle Range"), Mattison Field conservation area (see December 8, 2012, "Concord, Part II: Mattison Field") and bit of abandoned railway (see December 11, 2012, "Concord, Part III: New Haven rail bed"), I made this little farm my last stop in Concord.

Old Jeep #2

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