Thursday, April 26, 2012

Rehab Reality

From Pete Zarria:

Arlington, Iowa

Arlington, Iowa

I wasn't leaving without a shot of this old and very green Victorian. SOOC, adjusted lighting and sky. The house and color took care of themselves.

This home is back on the market. Just $30,000 buys a bit of real, old American, small-town goodness. As I understand it, the original owner's intent was to rehab the place into a show piece. There are many stories like this when reality and the cost of just heating and cooling deflate the airiest of dream balloons. So, back on the market she goes, another couple years of deferred maintenance under her 100-year-old belt and the slow inexorable end yet to come.

Most people knowingly realize it, but dreams have a way of postponing, even vanquishing, reality. Surely it should always be so.

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