Monday, April 9, 2012

Beyond the Mill

From Dave Brigham:

With 17 miles of trails, Noanet Woodlands in Dover, MA, offers a full day's hiking, all of it relatively easy. I was only there for a few hours, but plan to get back there and do more exploring.

I found the woodlands while searching on Google maps for something close to Snow Hill in Dover. I'd done a bit of hiking and picture-taking there and wanted to hit one more place that was close by (see March 22, 2012, "Fresh-Air Salvation," as well as the two other posts linked within that piece). I was drawn in by Noanet's close proximity and the promise of an old mill.

Turns out the old mill is a partial reconstruction of the former Dover Union Iron Mill.

Rebuilt Mill

It's a pretty site, but I was hoping for something run-down. Here's a description of the mill's history from a plaque at the site:

Mill description

So, as often happens, I trudged on, somewhat disappointed, and found some other things to photograph that I found more intriguing.

Rebuilt wall

A rebuilt wall near the old mill.


A little challenge for horses.


Close-up of a mossy rock.


Trash heap.

Michele's Tree

No idea who's honored/memorialized by this tree.

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