Saturday, March 17, 2012

Scouting a Location

From Dave Brigham:

There isn't a whole lot to Snow Hill Reservation in Dover, MA, on first encounter.

A short hike up a dirt and gravel road leads to a fire tower (see March 12, 2012, "Fire On the Mountain?"). There are several other trails, a few of which lead up to the backyards of some impressive estates. While it's nice to ponder a life in which I have an in-ground pool, 3-car garage, a tennis court and a barn for my horses, I prefer my hikes a little more isolated.

Still, I found plenty of blog fodder. I ended up making three trips to the reservation, two more than I'd planned.

The Boy Scouts of America maintain a facility on the property, which is used as a wilderness experience camp.

Scout camp, Dover MA #2 Scout camp, Dover MA #3 Smokey

This campfire spot sits about 50 yards behind the bunkhouse.

Beer and fire

And of course the scouts need an outhouse.


A short hike away on a different path, I found a spot where local teens seem to hang out. Or maybe camp counselors. Or hobos.

Teen hangout, Dover MA

In my next post, I'll report on the third site of interest I came across at Snow Hill.

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