Thursday, March 1, 2012

Nice Little House

From Kristen Smith:

Almost gone

How many times have I driven right by this? Probably dozens. Never saw it until one recent day when I HAD to stop and shoot it.

It's a relatively tiny house, a cabin, really. With two chimneys and presumably two stoves for heat, it must have been quite snug. Each of the windows had a latch and pulley system and some of the interior finish work seemed quite nice.


It is a comfortable-looking little house, but it didn't appear to be wired for electricity and had no indoor plumbing that I could see.

Unfortunately the light was pretty harsh and I couldn't photograph what appears to be a wagon body leaning vertically up against the chimney on the far right. No chassis, just the wooden body. Very cool.

Below stairs

At one point it looks like someone used it to store crafting and greenhouse supplies, since there was a big garden hose on one wall and tons of plastic pots for plants and bins of pinecones, now falling to pieces. Oh how I wish places like this could speak and tell their stories.



  1. I like the detail of the window latch and door knob!

  2. thanks Joe. It was the details that really captured me. The different styles of siding, the roof tiles, window latches and even the plaster & lathe of the wall construction. I wish it could talk.