Monday, October 24, 2011

Love Barn

From Dave Brigham:

I've driven west many times on Route 20 past signs for Sudbury's Wayside Inn, but had never actually driven down the side road that leads to the oldest inn operating in the U.S.

I drove past slowly the landmark, admiring the historic buildings and beautiful surroundings.

I figured I'd hit the end of the side road and turn around to get back on Route 20 and start heading home. And then I saw the grist mill. Built in 1929, the mill produces roughly five tons of flour per year, according to the inn's web site. It was used by Pepperidge Farm as a production facility from 1952 to 1967, and is the basis for the company's logo (but you already know that if you clicked the previous link).

But as often happens when I stop to take pictures, what seems to be the most interesting feature turns out to just be a gateway drug to something more fascinating.

I wandered away from the mill, down a path, and found this old barn.

Wayside Inn barn #1

From a distance, it seemed like your standard old New England barn, except that it's boarded up.

Wayside Inn barn #2

Closer examination, however, revealed quite a few scratched-in sentiments.

Wayside Inn barn #6

Wayside Inn barn #3

Seems this old barn is quite the romantic hot spot.

Wayside Inn barn #5

Wayside Inn barn #4


  1. Good post Dave and great job capturing the quality of the barn board