Monday, June 6, 2011


From Dave Brigham:

I live in Newton, Mass., which despite its proximity to Boston, manages to squeeze in some nice little nature outposts. Still, while wandering through the woods, I'm always aware of how close to civilization I am. I can hear airplanes, busy roads, lawn care guys, dogs barking, you name it. But it's nice to get in among the trees and bugs and birds even for a little while.

Recently, I ventured into Kennard Park, which, according to its web site, "is a post-agricultural forest grown up on 19th century farmland." As such, the park contains some nice stone walls.

Used to be farmland


Nevertheless, there are plenty of signs of current-day civilization. I'm guessing somebody left this behind while collecting berries.

Forgotten basket

And once you venture out to the park's perimeter, you find a few entrances that butt up right against pleasant neighborhoods.

Pleasant entrance/exit

Nonetheless, it was a nice walk.

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