Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Backside for Your Backside

The primary guideline for contributing to this site is to interpret "backside" in any way you like. I don't pass judgment on how the members of the Backside Gang do that. Still, I wonder why Joe Viger and David Burke are the only ones who've turned in photos of toilets. -- Dave Brigham

No Further Explanation Required

(photo by Joe Viger of an airport bathroom, Anytown, USA)

Out of Order

(photo by David Burke of an abandoned train station head, Torrington, CT)

Bathroom at the Bukowski

(photo by David Burke of a loo at Bukowski Tavern, Boston, MA)

Redstone Quarry Wash House

(photo by Joe Viger taken at old Redstone Quarry, Conway, NH, and seen previously in 12-16-10 post, "Granite Foundations on the Backside of Walmart")


(photo by David Burke of a bathroom at the abandoned Great Barrington Racetrack and Fairgrounds, Great Barrington, MA. He swears he didn't set up this shot. For more on the racetrack, see 2-20-11 post, "Lose, Place or Show")

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