Friday, March 18, 2011

Anatomy of a Teardown

From Dave Brigham:

I live in Newton, Mass., a well-to-do community that's gone teardown crazy in recent years. See a '50s-style ranch house that's a little worse for wear? Don't blink; it'll soon be gone.

This house used to be in the Oak Hill section of my fair city, on Dudley Road, one of my favorite "big ol' house" thoroughfares.

Date w/ the wrecking ball

The older section of the road is close to Route 9, and filled with enormous houses, both new and old, set on wooded lots and away from the road. The teardown house was located on the newer section of the road, amid average-sized houses. It went on the market in March of 2010, and was scooped up by a developer, who soon leveled it.

Teardown complete, #1

By July, the new house looked like this:

Chestnut Hill Teardown/New house

Now it's on the market for a cool $1.525 million.

Teardown Reborn #2

I'm not gonna argue that the original house was anything worth saving, and I understand the economics of development means that you have to build something that you can put a big price tag on. But doesn't anybody remodel anymore?

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  1. If Newton is "teardown crazy", then Needham is "teardown INSANE".