Thursday, November 4, 2010

Can You Ever Get Enough of Train Tracks?

As any hobo knows, some of the best views of any town or city are from a train. Here are some shots of train tracks, subway systems and affiliated locales and items from a few of Backside's contributors.

Iron pin in retaining wall for abandoned B&M trestle, Waltham, MA

Iron pin at B&M trestle retaining wall

(Photo by Dave Brigham)

Tracks in Bristol, CT

Bristol, CT

(Photo by David Burke)

Tracks at old train station in Torrington, CT

train tracks

(Photo by Michelle Loya)

Tracks over a stream, Torrington, CT

Tracks going over a stream

(Photo by David Burke)

Decrepit train in Essex, CT

Choo Choo

(Photo by David Burke)

Trackside mail box at JFK/UMass stop on Boston's Red Line

Trackside mailbox at JFK/UMASS stop on Red Line

(Photo by Dave Brigham)

End of Red Line, Ashmont Station, Boston, MA

End of Red Line, Ashmont Station

(Photo by Dave Brigham)

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