Monday, May 24, 2010

This Old Truck

OId Chevy - Woodstock, VT

From Michelle Loya:

After being dragged to car show after car show as a little girl, I guess an interest in older cars became natural for me. It’s a treat to see an old car rather than a more modern car, which we are so used to seeing everyday. It’s interesting, however, to see the strides we’ve made in technology through automobiles.

chevy interior

I was lucky enough to stumble upon this old chevy in Woodstock, VT, one day. It was sitting alone in an empty lot. The building in the background was so old and worn, just as the truck was, and I felt as though I had stepped into the past. It was all so perfectly placed as if it had been done on purpose.

The reason I love photographing old cars is because I always imagine the beauty and life they once possessed. I can see this truck the way it was brand new and I can imagine someone being very proud to own this shiny red truck. It is sad to see it broken down after so many years of wear and tear, but it is also a reminder of the past. It is something that we are fortunate to see these days and something that may one day never be seen but in pictures.

step back in time

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