Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Sad Gobble

From Dave Brigham:

I wasn't one of the countless loyal customers of Owen's Poultry Farm, but I will miss it nonetheless. Located in Needham, Massachusetts, for 80 years, the farm closed last fall due to a mix of rising costs, difficulty in finding dependable employees and the lack of a fourth generation to whom to pass the business.

I never stepped foot in the hen house, took my kids to see the turkeys or other animals, or bought anything from the store, but I've eaten turkey and sides from Owen's, because my mother-in-law would shop there on occasion. I loved the idea of a farm located in the middle of several residential neighborhoods, a slice of the region's rural heritage holding fast.

The farms' owner sold the property to the town, which will raze the buildings and build a much-needed elementary school, according to this Boston Globe article.

I did a little research and was happy to see there are other farms in eastern Massachusetts that sell poultry and other livestock products, such as Lexington's Meadow Mist Farm, Dartmouth's Copicut Farms and Clark Farm in Carlisle.

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