Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Yet More Signs That Say "Boo"

Just in time for Halloween, here are a bunch of ghost signs from a few photographers here at the Backside.

The Burlington Route

(Photo by Pete Zarria, Galena, Illinois, along the Burlington Route)

The Corner of Spearmint and Vine

(Photo by Pete Zarria, Galena, Illinois)

Leon's of Mayberry

(Photo by Pete Zarria, Mt. Airy, North Carolina)


(Photo by Dave Brigham, Burlington, Vermont)

Beacon Valves #2

(Photo by Dave Brigham, Waltham, Massachusetts)

Canal Street Ghost

(Photo by Dave Brigham, Boston, Massachusetts)

Bigelow Auto Body

(Photo by Dave Brigham, Watertown, Massachusetts)

North End ghost

(Photo by Dave Brigham, Boston, Massachusetts)

Drink Tafel!

(Photo by Pete Zarria, Crawfordsville, Indiana)

International Shoe of St. Louis

(Photo by Pete Zarria, Olney, Illinois)

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