Tuesday, June 4, 2013

More Signs That Say "Boo"

From Pete Zarria:

Some cool ghost signs:

Pabst Blue Ribbon Ghost

(Racine, Wisconsin.)

Back in 1844, Jacob Best founded the Best Brewing Co, in Milwaukee. In the 1880's, his daughter was rescued from drowning in the Mississippi River by steam boat pilot, Frederick Pabst. They fell in love and Capt. Pabst went to work for his father-in-law, Jake Best. Eventually, Pabst got the brewery on the death of the founder and changed the name. He left the "B" as homage to his father in law.

Bull Durham

(Pecatonica, Illinois: Bull Durham sign)

Meat Market

(Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

Wisconsin's Oldest

(Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin)

From the Land of Sky Blue Waters…

(Superior, Wisconsin: Hamm's Beer)

Furniture Exchange

(Hannibal, Missouri)

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