Wednesday, October 24, 2012

A Church Worth Crowing About

From James M. Surprenant:

Abandoned Church

I was in Eden, NC, for the annual Argus Camera Collectors Group Gathering. It was Sunday morning and I was out around town taking photos with several vintage and toy cameras.

When I spotted the church, I pulled over and got out of the car with my cameras. As I walked along the sidewalk, taking photos as I approached the building, I was being "followed" by a very large crow on the power line.

Double Cross

The crow seemed upset that I was there because it was scolding me very loudly and it hopped along the wire following right behind me. When I stopped to shoot, it stopped.

When I got to the church walk, I took a few steps towards the church and knelt down to shoot. Then I heard something solid land behind me, like a rock or something. I turned and the crow flew away, and I didn't see what hit the path behind me.

Weird/creepy and yet oh so cool!

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