Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Favorite Pastime, Reborn

From Dave Brigham:

I met Peter Arnemann on Facebook. We've never met in person, but a mutual friend suggested we become friends because we share interests in urban exploration and photography. He's signed on as an adjunct member of the Backside Gang. As such, we'll be posting links to photos of his that he's posted on the excellent Opacity site.

Peter visited an abandoned baseball stadium in Old Orchard Beach, ME, in 2008 and took these pictures. Peter told me that while the park is no longer used for minor league ball, it has been rehabbed for local use.

Through a quick Google search, I discovered that after sitting vacant for almost a decade, the park has indeed reopened after thousands of hours spent by community members to refurbish the stadium. Last December, the Futures Collegiate Baseball League announced that it has added a sixth franchise, to be based at Old Orchard Beach Ballpark.

For a brief history of the park, read this article from the park's official web site.

And for more pictures, from the park's heyday, through a fire and its resurrection, check this out.

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  1. Cool pictures, Peter! Glad to see that this once-abandoned place has risen anew.