Friday, August 5, 2011

Water Damage

From Lostlosangeles:

(I'm pleased to introduce a new member of the Backside Gang. He goes by the name "lostlosangeles," and he takes great shots of cool places -- d. brigham.)

Cautious reminder

This water tank is located in a small room off a stairwell at the abandoned Dixie Brewing Company in New Orleans. As I was climbing to the roof, I noticed the strange textures in the paint. It was like a unique form of decay that I had never discovered before and so I had to stop and shoot it.

The Dixie Brewery was shut down as a result of Hurricane Katrina when it was submerged under 8 - 10 feet of water. 10,000 cases of beer were destroyed. Although the owners had planned to restore the facility, it continues to sit empty.

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