Thursday, January 13, 2011

Water Under the Bridge

From Dave Brigham:

l took these pictures in Weston, MA, at a water main crossing for the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority. The site is directly across the Charles River from the Newton Marriott Hotel and very close to a canoe and kayak rental place located in a one-time Metropolitan District Commission police building.

The water main crossing site is also popular for feeding ducks, and for gay cruising, according to my wife, who's a Newton native. For me, it's just a cool place to wonder and wander.

MWRA Water Main Crossing, Weston, MA #1

Graffiti Crown

Small old bldg., Weston, Mass.


  1. Like the b/w Dave! Think that crown is gang-related? In LA I've seen graffiti like that by a gang called the Latin Kings

  2. Thanks, Joe. I doubt it's a Latin Kings tag, but the thought crossed my mind that it's gang-related, as it does with just about any graffiti I see. I'm familiar with the Latin Kings a bit, as they have chapters in CT.