Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Hangar Stake

From Derek Watt:

The Backside Gang is happy to welcome a new contributor: Derek Watt. Derek recently explored Massachusetts' Naval Air Station South Weymouth, which was in operation from 1942 until 1997, when it was decommissioned. All of his shots were taken with 35mm..

26 Dec 15 04

(At one point, I believe there were 2 (or more) hangars.)

26 Dec 15 02

(This air tower is one of two at the site -- the older one.)

26 Dec 15 01

(The basketball hoop is located next to the air tower, presumably for the service personnel to use for recreation?)

In July 2015, a developer announced plans to combine housing, restaurants, businesses, a sports complex and a movie studio (in the hangar) on part of the old base, which spans the towns of Abington, Rockland and Weymouth.


  1. Those are great! Derek has an outstanding body of work from the Medfield State Hospital as well. Most certainly stunning work worth checking out. Three thumbs up!

  2. Alexia -- we here at the blog look forward to more contributions from Derek.