Tuesday, October 20, 2015

An Armory In Need of Some Amore

From Dave Brigham:

The Waltham Armory opened in 1907, according to this blog post, which you should read all of, and closed less than 60 years later. Since 1964, the imposing brick building has stood at attention, awaiting its next assignment.

A developer bought it many years ago, according to the above-referenced blog post, and has advanced plans to turn the armory into condominiums, but neighbors fought fiercely against that concept. There are some in Waltham who want to turn the building into a military museum.

This building is in a tight neighborhood of homes and, just up the hill, several medical facilities and office buildings. The site is close to Waltham's bustling Main Street, and within walking distance of a commuter rail station. I find it hard to believe the armory has been vacant for so long. I'm sure the building's interior is in rough shape, although it seems fairly well closed up from the outside.

A museum would be a cool addition to the city, as would a community center. But those ideas aren't going to make the developer any money, so the stalemate continues.

I will, of course, keep an eye on it.

For another recent story about an armory, see Mick Melvin's June 30, 2015, post, "Hartford Arming for New National Park."


  1. Great post Dave, Can't wait to go and check it out. Hope you don't mind I credited you on by post on East Hartford Drive- In. Your blog is a wealth of information, dave

  2. Thanks, and thanks for the credit on drive-in post. Pretty cool place, right? I was thrilled when I went there, although also bummed that the place has been closed for so long.

  3. yes kind of sad that's there is not to many drive in's around anymore. place is very cool. hey just got back from the armory in waltham also very cool, keep up with your cool findings I love checking in .

  4. I walk past it to go to work and since I'm into urban exploring and history I always peek to see if there is an entrance and today I noticed there's a nice hole in the back...

  5. If you get in and take some pictures, I'd love to see them.