Wednesday, June 27, 2012


From Joe Viger:

Back in February, I took the classic "Joe Vacation." I packed a bag and and all of my camera gear, updated my iPod and got in my car and drove. I had a general compass point in mind, but no firm plan and no reservations.

Speaking of "No Reservations"....I did hit a restaurant in Rockland, Maine, from Anthony Bourdain's TV show, called Conte's, and I highly recommend it. Talk about the backside, but I digress.

Anyway....I was the wind. Or at least as much of the wind as a guy my size driving an SUV can be. I'm sure I could be a long-haul trucker. Driving just feels good to me. Time alone helps clear my head and I always find interesting stuff.

Some of the most fulfilling experiences of my life have been had just like this...roaming. Besides, nobody wants to sit around while I make photos for hours, contemplating the virtues of 20 different camera angles or how the scene will look through an 11-16mm lens vs. the 80-200mm.

On this trip, I ultimately ended up in Acadia National Park, but avoided the interstate and stopped frequently to take in the backside of the great state of Maine. These images were made somewhere in Maine between Bucksport and Waterville.

Somewhere in Maine 3 Somewhere in Maine 1 Somewhere in Maine 2

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