Thursday, March 18, 2010

Eat, Dance & Be Happy

Skee's Diner, originally uploaded by Small Wonder1.

From David Burke:

The former Skee's Diner (above) is located near the downtown area of Torrington, CT. The restaurant has been closed for about five years. The photo below shows the neon "Dine/Dance" sign above the entrance to The Hemlock Restaurant, remotely hidden in the Drakeville section of Torrington. The Hemlock has been closed for an indeterminate number of years. The property is now tightly surrounded by a corral of trailer homes.

These photos obviously show the present -- abandoned eateries that are well on their way to decomposition. They will soon, if not already, be considered eyesores by the townspeople. The needs of the public are now being served by Applebee's, The 99 and a multitude of fast food chains.

To me, on the other hand, I still sense the "what was." I can clearly see the welcoming neon signs lit up. I can hear the music from the jukebox and the scents coming from the deep fryer are intoxicating. In the case of The Hemlock, I know the satisfaction I will receive from my first sip of cold beer. It will most likely be a Schaefer.

Photos like these show America as it once was. Their continued (physical) existence allows us to continue the feeling that once was contained within. Therefore, I feel good.

Hemlock's. Drakeville, CT, originally uploaded by Small Wonder1.

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  1. Good post! I flew home today from a business trip to Disney/Orlando. Folks love it, but it felt sort of soul crushing to me. I'm glad to be home where these relics still exist... and a few are even still in operation.